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Given the complete model structures (including expressions for the kinetic rate laws) for three gene regulatory networks, participants are asked to develop and/or apply optimization methods, including the selection of the most informative experiments, to accurately estimate parameters and predict outcomes of perturbations in Systems Biology models.

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Network topology and parameter estimation: from experimental design methods to gene regulatory network kinetics using a community based approach
Pablo Meyer, Thomas Cokelaer, Deepak Chandran, Kyung Hyuk Kim, Po-Ru Loh, George Tucker, Mark Lipson, Bonnie Berger, Clemens Kreutz, Andreas Raue, Bernhard Steiert, Jens Timmer, Erhan Bilal, DREAM 6&7 Parameter Estimation consortium, Herbert M Sauro, Gustavo Stolovitzky and Julio Saez-Rodriguez
BMC Systems Biology 8:13. 2014

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