October 2, 2014
  • Translating questions into solutions & crowds into communities

DREAM Challenges pose fundamental questions about systems biology and translational medicine. Designed and run by a community of researchers from a variety of organizations, our challenges invite participants to propose solutions — fostering collaboration and building communities in the process. Expertise and institutional support are provided by Sage Bionetworks, along with the infrastructure to host challenges via their Synapse platform. Together, we share a vision allowing individuals and groups to collaborate openly so that the  “wisdom of the crowd” provides the greatest impact on science and human health.


Nat_Rev_Cover_Aug_16Saez-Rodriguez J, Costello J, Friend S, Kellen M, Mangravite L, Meyer P, Norman T, Stolovitzky G; Crowdsourcing biomedical research: leveraging communities as innovation engines; Nature Reviews Genetics; 17; 470–486 (2016) doi:10.1038/nrg.2016.69  


The DREAM Challenge team discuss what DREAM Means to them in this new DREAM Challenges Video produced at the 2016 conference in Phoenix.  


DREAM 10 – ALS Stratification Prize4Life Challenge

Final results available. »more

DREAM 9.5 Prostate Cancer DREAM Challenge

Final results available. »more

DREAM 9.5 -DREAM Olfaction Prediction Challenge

Final results available. »more  
August 16, 2016

Breast cancer imaging challenge one part of achieving Cancer Moonshot

Participants in the Digital Mammography DREAM Challenge are trying to do their part to contribute to the nationwide goal of completing 10 years of cancer research in half the time. It’s funded under the Cancer Moonshot’s Coding4Cancer initiative —pitting coding teams against each other in a friendly fight to see who can come up with the best way to improve mammogram readings. (Read more)