DREAM Challenges
September 21, 2018

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Interested in creating a DREAM Challenge?

Do you have data that you think would make a good DREAM Challenge? We would love to discuss this with you.

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A little about the kinds of data we typically use for DREAM Challenges.

DREAM Challenges make new unpublished data available for analysis by an extended community, and are powerful tools for assessing which data types are most relevant for the answering of specific scientific questions. Importantly, DREAM Challenges are structured to protect the right of the data producer to publish their data before others who accessed it through the Challenge.  If you are interested to understand more about making data available for the running of a DREAM Challenge, please contact us.

DREAM Challenges can be a powerful tool for you and your organization to analyze your data.

The DREAM Challenges organizing team is an open community of data scientists spanning universities, researcher institutes and industry with a common goal of addressing fundamental research questions in computational/systems biology and biomedicine. The DREAM Challenges are a scientific research “competition” developed by scientists for scientists. This means that all aspects of a Challenge are fully engaged by the scientists in the research community; we go far beyond the “administration” of a challenge. We work with data providers to:

(i) develop base-line models to insure signal in the data and viability as a challenge
(ii) normalize and curate data
(iii) develop robust metrics and scoring statistics
(iv) assist with writing of manuscript from the challenge results for publication
(v) advise through all stages of the challenge, both scientific and logistical.

The ultimate goal of the DREAM Challenges is to develop a research community around challenges and advance science at a faster pace than can be done by any one individual or research group. The results of the DREAM Challenges represent a valuable benchmarked resource and the community continues to build on these resources. As reflected in article citations, there have been over 1000 publications that have been directly or indirectly spawned from the DREAM Challenges.

We are here to work with you on turning your data into a challenge.

Please click here to tell us more about your data set.