October 2, 2014


December 13, 2013


Global CEO Initiative on Alzheimer’s Disease Announces a Big Data Challenge to Find New Predictors of Cognitive Decline. Full article here.

Canadian and US Leaders in Cancer Research Announce a Big Data Challenge to Develop Robust Methodologies for Predicting Cancer Mutations. Full article here.

April 18, 2013

DREAM in Science Tranlational Medicine

The Breast Cancer’s DREAM challenge (DREAM7) on Science Translation Medicine. See the published articles:

A. A. Margolin, E. Bilal, E. Huang, T. C. Norman, L. Ottestad, B. H. Mecham, B. Sauerwine, M. R. Kellen, L. M. Mangravite, M. D. Furia, H. K. M. Vollan, O. M. Rueda, J. Guinney, N. A. Deflaux, B. Hoff, X. Schildwachter, H. G. Russnes, D. Park, V. O. Vang, T. Pirtle, L. Youseff, C. Citro, C. Curtis, V. N. Kristensen, J. Hellerstein, S. H. Friend, G. Stolovitzky, S. Aparicio, C. Caldas, A.-L. Børresen-Dale, Systematic Analysis of Challenge-Driven Improvements in Molecular Prognostic Models for Breast Cancer. Sci. Transl. Med. 5, 181re1 (2013).

W.-Y. Cheng, T.-H. O. Yang, D. Anastassiou, Development of a Prognostic Model for Breast Cancer Survival in an Open Challenge Environment. Sci. Transl. Med. 5, 181ra50 (2013).

November 27, 2012

Several News articles describing The DREAM Phil Bowen ALS Prediction Prize4Life Challenge

Please follow the links to read in different venues about this translational medicine challenge.

Bio-IT-World: Algorithm to Decrease Needed Number of ALS Clinical Trial Patients

Boston.com: Prize4Life taps into global big data expertise to fight Lou Gehrig’s disease

San Francisco Business Times: Stanford team winds $20K for algorithm aimed at Lou Gehrig’s disease drug trials