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October 29, 2007

DREAM2 – 2007 All Stars

BCL6 Transcriptional Target Prediction

Team 1*- W.H. Lee, V. Narang, H. Xu, F. Lin, K.C. Chin, and W.K. Sung

Team 2*- Vinsensius B. Vega, Xing Yi Woo, Habib Hamidi, Hock Chuan Yeo, Zhen Xuan Yeo, Guillaume Bourque, and Neil D. Clarke

Team 3*- Matti Nykter, Harri L¨ahdesm¨aki, Alistair Rust, Vesteinn Thorsson, and Ilya Shmulevich

Protein-Protein Interaction Network Inference

Team 1*- Hon Nian Chua, Willy Hugo, Guimei Liu, Xiaoli Li, Limsoon Wong, and See-KiongNg

Synthetic Five-Gene Network Inference

Team 0*- Angela Baralla, Wieslaws Mentzen, and Alberto de la Fuente

Team 1*- Daniel Marbach, Claudio Mattiussi, and Dario Floreano

In Silico Network Challenge

Team 1*- Alan Scheinine, Wieslawa Mentzen, G. Fotia, E. Pieroni, F. Maggio, G. Mancosu, and Alberto de la Fuente

Team 2* – Mario Lauri, Francesco Iorio, and Diego di Bernardo

Team 3* – Mika Gustafsson, Michael Hornquist, Jesper Lundstrom, Johan Bjorkegren, and Jesper Tegner

Team 4* – Tejaswi Gowda, Sarma Vrudhul, and Seungchan Kim

Genome-Scale Network Inference

Team 1* – John Watkinson, Kuo-ching Liang, Xiadong Wang, Tian Zheng, and Dimitris Anastassiou

*DREAM 2 best performer team names as they are referenced in “Stolovitzky, G and Prill, R. J and Califano, A., Lessons from the DREAM2 Challenges, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1158: 159–195. doi:10.1111/j.1749-6632.2009.04497.x”    These names do not necessarily reflect the rank of the teams, please see publication for details.