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October 9, 2014


Challenge All Stars

Over the years we have been running the DREAM challenges we have had top performing teams in each of the challenges. These teams are the DREAM Challenge “All Stars”. Below we are proud to recognize the outstanding efforts of these teams and their members and their contributions to the DREAM Challenges community through the years.


(2014 DREAM Conference, San Diego, CA)


October 29, 2007

DREAM2 – 2007 All Stars

BCL6 Transcriptional Target Prediction

Team 1*- W.H. Lee, V. Narang, H. Xu, F. Lin, K.C. Chin, and W.K. Sung

Team 2*- Vinsensius B. Vega, Xing Yi Woo, Habib Hamidi, Hock Chuan Yeo, Zhen Xuan Yeo, Guillaume Bourque, and Neil D. Clarke

Team 3*- Matti Nykter, Harri L¨ahdesm¨aki, Alistair Rust, Vesteinn Thorsson, and Ilya Shmulevich

Protein-Protein Interaction Network Inference

Team 1*- Hon Nian Chua, Willy Hugo, Guimei Liu, Xiaoli Li, Limsoon Wong, and See-KiongNg

Synthetic Five-Gene Network Inference

Team 0*- Angela Baralla, Wieslaws Mentzen, and Alberto de la Fuente

Team 1*- Daniel Marbach, Claudio Mattiussi, and Dario Floreano

In Silico Network Challenge

Team 1*- Alan Scheinine, Wieslawa Mentzen, G. Fotia, E. Pieroni, F. Maggio, G. Mancosu, and Alberto de la Fuente

Team 2* – Mario Lauri, Francesco Iorio, and Diego di Bernardo

Team 3* – Mika Gustafsson, Michael Hornquist, Jesper Lundstrom, Johan Bjorkegren, and Jesper Tegner

Team 4* – Tejaswi Gowda, Sarma Vrudhul, and Seungchan Kim

Genome-Scale Network Inference

Team 1* – John Watkinson, Kuo-ching Liang, Xiadong Wang, Tian Zheng, and Dimitris Anastassiou

*DREAM 2 best performer team names as they are referenced in “Stolovitzky, G and Prill, R. J and Califano, A., Lessons from the DREAM2 Challenges, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1158: 159–195. doi:10.1111/j.1749-6632.2009.04497.x”    These names do not necessarily reflect the rank of the teams, please see publication for details.